Welcome to our Golf Academy, where the love for the game meets the pursuit of perfection on the green! Whether you're a beginner seeking to refine your swing or a seasoned player striving for that extra edge, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to guiding you towards your golfing aspirations. From mastering every shot to enhancing your overall enjoyment of the game, our academy caters to golfers of all skill levels. Our philosophy revolves around personalized instruction, ensuring that each golfer's unique abilities are nurtured and developed. Whether you opt for private lessons or the camaraderie of group sessions, expect a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment at every turn.

Join us, and let's tee off towards your golfing dreams together!

Golf Instructors

Cam Hadley

Head Professional
PGA of Canada | 14 years

To allow each student to improve every type of shot on the golf course making the game more enjoyable. Personalizing their swing within their playing ability and physical limitations. Starting with fundamentals moving through full swing mechanics using drills and personalized practice.

Lewis Russell

"Class A" Professional
PGA of Canada | 6 years

Golf is a fun game, you can enjoy it at any level but it helps when you can see improvements. Once you have the basic fundamentals you can work on improving specific parts of your game. Every swing is different and I will help you get the best out of your game no matter what your ability so that golf can be fun and enjoyable.

Will Kouretsos

Associate Professional
PGA of Canada | 4 years
Golf is a unique game where every golfer has their own abilities and strengths in their swing. My goal is to adapt to a golfer’s swing and work within their strengths to improve consistency and composure on the golf course. There is always room for improvement to be the best golfer you can be!

Tim Lind

Associate Professional
PGA of Canada | 3 years

Let’s start with the fun part: golf is fun! Now, let’s take care of the fundamentals. I’d like to teach you how to have more fun on the golf course by Improving your fundamentals and providing you with some better course management skills.

Matthew Goulet

Assistant Professional
PGA of Canada | 7 years
My goals are to teach each individual to enjoy the game of golf by consistently improving their swing. Focusing mainly on the fundamentals, grip, stance, and posture to improve the speed and accuracy of each swing.

Dongmin Lee

Assistant Professional
PGA of Canada | 2 years
Three things that I would like to emphasize in golf are pure & solid impact, swing basics, and most importantly consistency. I believe that pure and solid impact comes from the basics of swing. Consequently, impact and swing basics should be performed consistently in order to lead to a good result. My goal is to help students to find their ideal swing based on their physical ability by personalized training, and to perform consistently on the course for better results.

Mike Hanna

Teaching Professional
PGA of Canada 5 years

As a dedicated golf instructor, I specialize in refining your swing, perfecting your technique, and lowering your handicap. With personalized coaching tailored to your skill level, I’ll help you unleash your full potential on the course. Let’s turn your bogeys into birdies together!


Terry Kim

Director of Golf
PGA of Canada Pro 20+ years

All golfers have a swing that is unique to their abilities. When teaching a golfer the instructor should adapt to the golfer’s swing and improve their skills based on the individual’s abilities.


Mary Anne Maile

Teaching Professional
LPGA Master Professional 30+ years

LPGA Master Professional | 
30+ years

LPGA Master and Life Professional & TPI Certified

Start with the basic fundamentals, make it fun but challenging. People have different bodies with different abilities, therefore, they each deserve a customized swing that fits their physical capabilit


Dave Woods

Director of Instruction
PGA of Canada | 20+ years

Dave Woods is the Director of Instruction at the Angus Glen Golf Academy and coach for the University of Toronto Men’s and Women’s golf teams. Dave has also coached the Golf Association of Ontario High Performance Training Program for the top male and female junior players in the province. Dave leads a variety of programs including a season long High Performance Training Program for competitive juniors.

A few of his awards and accolades include:

  • PGA Teacher of the Year – Canada
  • PGA Teacher of the Year – Ontario
  • PGA Teacher of the Year for Juniors – Ontario
  • National Post top 50 Instructor
  • Score Golf top 10 Instructor
  • Score Magazine articles and cove

Game improvement programs for the serious golfer are available – video lessons, short game work, game tracking and mental skills help, goal setting and game assessment, along with nutrition, fitness and work out sessions for the high performance player. For more information, contact Dave at (416) 738-6095 or email: dvdwoods63@hotmail.com.


Wenqin Shao

Teaching Professional
PGA of Canada | 4 years

I believe in the motto “Self Control, Achievement Oriented, and Respect” and I share it with my Junior students. My focus is to inspiring them to strive for lifelong excellence. I also encourage juniors to take part in competitive golf tournaments organized by Golf Canada and Golf Ontario.

Colton Wylie

Teaching Professional
PGA of Canada | 5 years

I focus on coaching students in every aspect of golf, covering everything from perfecting the full swing to refining chipping, putting, and on-course skills. My method revolves around creating customized drills and exercises designed specifically for each person, guaranteeing real progress and better performance on the golf course

Other Professionals

Jeff Shuster-opt
Jeff Shuster
Club Fitter

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